On Creating the Fiber Arts Academy

I set out to create a fiber guild of my own.  I ended up getting a job because of my mission.  So nothing much has happened here at my blog for a year because I have been a bit busy.  So I am rather tickled to share with you some of my photos of what I have going for the Fiber Arts Academy.

First, I partnered with the Randolph Arts Guild in early March 2017 after I purchased a weaving studio from an estate.  Overnight, I went from one loom to four floor looms.  
And then the most exciting thing happened. We started the first 8-week weaving class in April, working on a lovely Tussah Silk and Cotton Chenille scarf. After weaving two scarves, we dyed the two in different dyes: one in an acid dye bath and the other in a fiber reactive dyebath.  It was great fun, for sure.

After that class, we had two different weavers offer to place their looms on loan with us, which opened the doors to having two weaving classes run concurrently.  Two looms are dedicated to rag rug weaving, as they are both four-harness, six treadle rug looms.  One belongs to the Academy and the other is graciously on loan.  The other class uses three looms: one 8-harness, 10 treadle Schact Baby Wolf, one 4-harness six treadle Harrisville Designs, and one 4-harness six treadle Nilus Leclerc Jack loom (on loan).  We also have one small Norwood, 4-harness four treadle loom but it is in need of small repairs and will be dedicated to demonstrations, such as the upcoming Heritage Village at the Asheboro Fall Festival.

Additionally, the Academy now boasts the following equipment:

  • 2 Table top, four harness looms
  • 2 Rigid Heddle looms (one Scacht 24″ and one Kromski 32″)
  • 3 spinning wheels (one Kromski Fantasia, one Kromski Prelude, and one nameless indian head spinner that was recently donated)
  • Several warping boards, one warping mill, and a few fleeces for processing

Can you believe that? What a wonder! It has slowly but surely come to life, this dream.  And all while I have been working and trying to continue to develop as a fiber artist.  It is nowhere near finished. And it has made grand progress! When I have the luxury of time, I love spending it there, where other fiber artists can come and use the looms and wheels and enjoy commraderie.  What a lovely experience it is.

Classes continue to grow, as well.  We now have a few weaving instructors, and added a spinning instructor besides myself.  I am looking forward to dyeing classes in the future as well.  I look forward to telling you more about those.

If you just cannot wait, please take a look at www.randolphartsguild.com where you can see the fiber classes and their locations, dates, times, and cost.  


Spinzilla Eve

On the Eve of Spinzilla 2016, I had to drive an hour and a half.  During my drive, I contemplated all of my goals and preparations I have made for Spinzilla.  Of everything, what strikes me is how much I have learned already.  This is my first Spinzilla, so I set out with goals in mind. I have spent hours preparing fibers, blending colors for specialty batts, and spinning and knitting samples of what I intend to spin during Spinzilla.  And now that Spinzilla has dawned upon us, I realize that I have already achieved my greatest goal: I have become a spinner. 

I am a student of fiber. Everytime I spin, I seem to learn something new.  It has enriched my own life and enhanced my spinning so much that I decided to share that joy with my neice.  After signing her up for Spinzilla, I sent enough wool to her to keep her busy for a while, then I challenged her.  She has agreed to spin for one hour every day, then blog about one thing she learned from spinning.  And I am also challenging myself to do the same.  For every blog post she offers on what she learned that day, I will also blog about my own fiber adventures.

Not only will I be blogging about what I learn as I progress through my fiber studies, but I am also establishing the Academy of Fiber Arts.  As that organization moves forward, I will state anouncements, share my experiences, and eventually realize my dream.  

For now, I am content to wish I was at my wheel this very moment, but instead will dream of fiber escapes starting in the morning!